How to Uninstall Mobile Partner from Linux Ubuntu

Perhaps, You don't need mobile partner anymore, so that you want to uninstall it but don't know how to uninstall it?? Let me explain my experience. There are two way to uninstall mobile partner from linux ubuntu.

    First Way :

install any modem on linux ubuntu using sakis3g

I'll try to explain a little what is sakis3g script. sakis3g is a script that can connect all the modem with any carrier (only GSM with 3G capabilities), because this script can also automatically detect the modem card carriers. This script do not need to be installed, when it's not necessary again, just remove(delete) this sakis3g. simple, right? There's just advice from sakis3g itself, this script is used if we have failed with every other way (very humble?? :D)
okay now I explain how to install it.1. dowload sakis3g.gz of its website, for intel processor clicks, or clicks for AMD64 processors

Connectify Hotspot PRO v3.7.1.25486 + new crack full success

you must be know connectify if you're reading this article. No need to talk much, i will share this app + new crack. i tried and success 100%. Here's the link. ""

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Packet Data signal lost in android

you may have problem when no rain, no twister, but your packet data signal lost. I have an idea to get them back. Based on theory, it seems this idea shouldn't be run. But the fact, it always run in every galaxy young. So i think it will be run in every android also. Here, I-ZW will explain to you tips about packet data signal lost in android

Here we go :

Protect Computer from Internet Doomsday

Those who worry about issues with Internet Doomsday 00:00 pm tonight, immediately download anti-malware application DNSChanger to protect and remove malware DNS-Changer and other malwares.

Hitman Pro 3.6 software is highly recommended to protect your computer from Internet  Doomsday .

i'm not playing, beware! let's be smart and safe when surfing on the internet!

To be more clear and complete way to protect your computer from Internet Doomsday read the following article.

what is .android_secure

What is a file .Android_secure? This is probably a question for every android user who has just backing android up. Previously I would explain what the file will be created after we backup, using either CWM recovery or the other.

1. System.rfs.tar, it contains a fresh backup ROM

2. data.rfs.tar, which contains datas are still needed by a fresh backup ROM (perhaps mistakenly, please  justified)
3. . android_secure.vfat.tar, it contains the applications that we move to sdcard

Many are confused by. Android_secure this, is it required when a restore or not?
1. The answer is not necessary, if you want to restore ROM to be unbelievably fresh, because does not require the applications that you move to sdcard using app2sd or link2sd,
2. The answer is yes necessary, if you want to restore your android full 100% similar to the situation when you backup, all the applications either in internal or sdcard memory will be backed up.

if there is an error ask advice and comments.

Create Autotext on Android with SmartKeyboard Pro

For users android many are asking if the android can create autotext like a BB, the answer could be yes. By utilizing the feature in smartkeyboard pro, we can make your own autotext in our android. Autotext on android is the same quality with blackberry. No need to worry my friends. Irfan Zidny's World will help you create autotext in android with smartkeyboard pro.

1. Download and smartkeyboard pro .APK Click here!

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