what is .android_secure

What is a file .Android_secure? This is probably a question for every android user who has just backing android up. Previously I would explain what the file will be created after we backup, using either CWM recovery or the other.

1. System.rfs.tar, it contains a fresh backup ROM

2. data.rfs.tar, which contains datas are still needed by a fresh backup ROM (perhaps mistakenly, please  justified)
3. . android_secure.vfat.tar, it contains the applications that we move to sdcard

Many are confused by. Android_secure this, is it required when a restore or not?
1. The answer is not necessary, if you want to restore ROM to be unbelievably fresh, because does not require the applications that you move to sdcard using app2sd or link2sd,
2. The answer is yes necessary, if you want to restore your android full 100% similar to the situation when you backup, all the applications either in internal or sdcard memory will be backed up.

if there is an error ask advice and comments.


Anonymous said...

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dmanley said...

This is the worst piece of writing I've ever seen!
Please try to read over again and see does each line make sense.
"What is a file .Android_secure when backup android?"
Do you mean "What is .android_secure?" and then another sentence. You see it sometimes when you are backing up your phone.
e.g. If you are using a list usually it starts with 1 if your using numbers and A if you are using letter. Just an observation.

10 out of 10 for effort though!

Zidny said...

thanks for advancing :)

Anonymous said...

thanks man I got what I needed to know

Mark Turner said...

Thank you! Answer to an age old question. Side note to dmanley: Obviously, English (which is one of the most difficult languages to master) is not his native tongue. Cut the guy a break. Communication= exchange of information.

Alain Etongo said...

Thanks a lot .really helpful

selva kumar said...

still no one give any solid solution to delete this file sorry...

Unknown said...

it consuming big files from my phones internal memory, can i delete it?

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