How to Uninstall Mobile Partner from Linux Ubuntu

Perhaps, You don't need mobile partner anymore, so that you want to uninstall it but don't know how to uninstall it?? Let me explain my experience. There are two way to uninstall mobile partner from linux ubuntu.

    First Way :

1. In terminal, type command : sudo /usr/local/Mobile_Partner/UninstallMobilePartner
then enter then input your password then enter again and then, it should have been uninstalled.

But before that, to make sure the path, you could see the name of folder where mobile partner installed by searching it.

in Default, it should be like above command

    Second Way :
2. Login as "root" on logon menu, and find the desktop icon of uninstall mobile partner (perhaps in internet menu). Click it

Hopefully this article can help you :)


Anonymous said...

Is need additional driver or etc?
Can Mobile Partners install in Linux??

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Zidny said...

no need addutional driver

of course, it can

anushka sharma said...

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